Bay Housing Investments Fund

Earn consistent income through participation in multifamily real estate investments.

Investment Strategy

Income Fund

Asset Class


Hold Period

2-4 Years

Targeted Return

12% IRR
10% preferred

Distribution Frequency


Minimum Investment


Benefits to our Investors

Accredited investors have the opportunity to invest in a privately managed equity fund that buys and repositions value-add multifamily real estate assets. We are offering our investor partners an opportunity with the following benefits:

No Fees

Our competitors charge significant fees in various forms; we charge none.

Asset Backed

The Fund is backed by Multifamily Real Estate in the SF Bay Area

Cash Reserves

The Fund keeps cash reserves, so investors have reliable returns

Shorter Hold Period

Shorter hold periods give our investors access to liquidity sooner.

Fund Accounting and Administration

NAV provides the Bay Housing Investments Fund with accounting and administrative services, providing investors with quarterly data about their ongoing investments.

Investment Vehicle

Preferred Equity

Asset Info

Multifamily Value Add Real Estate


SF Bay Area, California

Minimum Investment


Preferred Return

12% annualized return, 10% preferred return paid monthly

Case Studies

Previously Acquired Cashflowing Assets, representing $24.5 million AUM and $5.5 million investor capital managed: